Impact of Data Breaches

Nearly two-in-five (37%) ChangeWave respondents say the recent security breaches have impacted the way they shop. Among this group, Using Cash More Often (31%) and Limiting Debit Card Usage (31%) are the top changes being made, closely followed by Limiting Credit Card Usage (27%).


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Biggest Complaints with ISPs

Biggest Complaints with ISPs: As seen in previous ChangeWave surveys, the number one complaint respondents have with their Internet service is Slow Speed (29%). Outages/Service Issues (11%) is a distant second.


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Corporate Cloud Budget

We've been following the ongoing corporate migration to cloud computing. In our most recent survey, 9% of current cloud users say their cloud budget is separate from the company’s traditional IT budget.


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Big Jump for Shared Data Plans

Our latest Wireless Service Provider trends survey shows Unlimited Data Plans (42%, down 3-pts) are still most widely used - but have been on a downward trend over the past 15 oinths. At the same time, the percentage of respondents saying they're using a Shared Data Plans (29%) has nearly doubled over the time frame, and is up 4-pts just since the previous survey.


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Reasons Behind Corporate Spending Plans

We asked software buyers the key reasons driving their companies’ software spending decisions. A quarter of respondents (24%) say their company's existing software is getting outdated and must be replaced – the highest it’s been since January 2011.


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